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Published on 10 May 2019


Fourth Sunday of Easter 2019

Dear Friends

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

And now we have to rise to the challenge of Easter, which is more challenging than the challenge of Lent.  In Lent we can find it quite easy to be miserable.  (A misunderstanding, of course, but so easy to fall for.)  In Easter we do not find it so easy to sustain the rejoicing – we are called to habits of joy.  Seven weeks of joy.

We have been greatly assisted this Easter by a song many grown-ups these days remember from infant school:

Love is something if you give it away
You end up having more
It’s just like the magic penny
Hold on tight and you ain’t got any
Lend it, spend it and you’ll have so many
They’ll roll all over the floor
Love is something if you give it away
You end up having more

The author of the song, Malvina Reynolds, was an American singer of 1960s “protest songs.”  This one is good for Good Friday:

I don’t mind failing in this world
I’ll stay down here with the raggedy crew
‘Coz gettin’ up there means steppin’ on you, so
I don’t mind failing in this world

And at Good Friday children’s stations we concluded listening to:

God bless the grass that grows through cement
It’s green and it’s tender and it’s easily bent
But after a while it lifts up its head
For the grass is living and the stone is dead
And God bless the grass

All these and more are easy to find and listen to on Youtube.  It’s the music of Easter!  Alleluia!

Your servant in Christ